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Why Coachella’s not just another festival with Jeff Miller, #29

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Jeff Miller is a journalist, musician, and TV personality who has covered every Coachella since 2002.

Jeff talks about how Coachella is unlike every other festival out there and how it has been a trendsetter not only in music but also in its approach to food and beverage.

He also shares how the festival has changed since he started going in 2002 (hint: it’s a lot bigger now), plus what it was like to be on stage at Coachella and be interviewed for the festival’s live stream.

Co-hosts Tom Nash and Vanessa Franko talk with Jeff about the future of Coachella in 2021 and how even if the COVID-19 vaccine allows major concerts to happen, why Coachella might want to pause until 2022.

Tom shares a story about running into one of what would have been Coachella’s hot 2020 bands in an airport.

We also talk about what we hope the future is for Rage Against the Machine and how Pup, a small print band from the 2020 lineup will make you rock out.

Jeff also talks about playing Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace with his band Black Crystal Wolf Kids. Pappy & Harriet’s is a magical high desert roadhouse not far from Joshua Tree that has played host to a number of Coachella sideshows and a certain Sir Paul McCartney.

Connect with us: Jeff’s Instagram: @jeffmillerla; @blackcrystalwolfkids

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