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Coachella’s relationship to the Coachella Valley, Arcade Fire.. | #30

Angel Chavez is an entrepreneur from the Coachella Valley and the creator behind the No. 1 Coachella channel on YouTube with more than 100 videos dedicated to the festival.

This episode includes the news of Riverside County’s top health official signing the order to cancel the event in April because of the pandemic. Co-hosts Tom Nash and Vanessa Franko talk with Angel about the void in the Coachella Valley since the festival hasn’t happened since April 2019 as well as its economic impact in the region.

We also catch up with Angel about his recent video interview with Drew Thomas, who directed the Coachella concert film that came out in 2006 and how Angel is keeping busy with his Coachella videos and working with other creative folks in the Coachella Valley.

Angel talks about the Chella community concerts and how Goldenvoice has started to book big Mexican artists for the festival that have a following in the Coachella Valley, such as Banda MS, Los Ángeles Azules and Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

Angel, Tom and Vanessa reflect on one of the biggest Coachella moments on the main stage, Arcade Fire’s ball drop in 2011. They also talk about one of the most anticipated — and definitely the most animated — artist who was on the bill for 2020: Hatsune Miku, a Japanese virtual pop star.

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