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Coachella 2022 advance sale with guest Justin Cohen talking Hans Zimmer, Jamiroquai, Calvin Harris,

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Guest Justin Cohen, of podcast Top Fives and Deep Dives, joins co-hosts Tom Nash and Vanessa Franko, to talk about the reality of Coachella 2022 and that anything is possible. In this episode:

  • The Coachella 2022 advance sale happened and Goldenvoice is also bringing back Cruel World, with lots of Coachella alums.

  • Expert tips on why you should go to the festival early; how to meet up with friends; where to stay; how to get in and out of the festival.

  • Why the Antarctic Dome and the Yuma and Sonora tents are so darn cool.

  • Coachella memories like Hans Zimmer, Jamiroquai, Weezer, Chris Lake, Ratatat and more.

  • Who from the 2020 lineup do we want to see get booked for 2022? Calvin Harris, Lane 8, Fatboy Slim and Emo Nite are a few.

  • We pick some dream artists not on the 2020 lineup we want to see play in 2022 and get a little emo.

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