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Coachella’s cosmic connections and talking festival bathrooms and Bradley Cooper, #28

Caleb Aldrich is a TV writer and a DJ who has been to 19 different Coachella weekends and finds cosmic connections within Coachella. Caleb talks about how he fell into going to the festival and the community he has found along the way. He also has tips on how to embrace the ebb and flow of Coachella; how to find your friends in a crowd of 125,000 and what’s the quickest way to get across the polo field.

Co-hosts Tom Nash and Vanessa Franko talk with Caleb about the energy and magic of Coachella, particularly its unforgettable setting at the Empire Polo Club in Indio and what they’re each looking forward to most as soon as the festival comes back post-pandemic.

On a lighter note, there’s also discussion of Coachella’s bathroom situation (the permanent bathrooms were game changers!) and also the time Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga filmed “A Star Is Born” at Coachella and the sister festival the Stagecoach Country Music Festival.

We also talk about some great music to dance to, including Parcels and L’Imperatrice, and how Caleb managed to win his way into Coachella twice!

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