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Going to Safari with Brian Wentzel and Coachella Holiday Music, #27

Brian Wentzel is a healthcare strategy executive that is passionate about Coachella and the growth of the festival. He has been following the business developments of the festival since he started attending in 2012 and he has been fortunate to attend the festival the past 3 years in Safari campground. This experience gives him some great insights into the backstage experience for festival-goers.

We are joined by my co-host Vanessa Franko who shared the current update on Coachella. She also talked about Yo Gabba Gabba, too, and how DJ Lance Rock might have been Sahara’s greatest dance party. And how they showed up with King Khan and the Shrines.

Also, we discuss the intersection of Coachella and Christmas music, shouting out our favorites.

In this episode Brian talked about:

  • Why Coachella is spot on with their curation of the undercard act

  • The evolving lineup of branding partnerships at Coachella

  • The different types of passes

  • And so much more!

Connect with us:

Brian’s Instagram: @bdub711

Can’t Feel the Heat Podcast: @cantfeeltheheat

Follow Vanessa:

Instagram: @vfranko and @plantsthatrock

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