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Behind the lens at Coachella and finding gems on the field with Terry Corso of We Are Pigs and AAF

Terry Corso, of We Are Pigs and Alien Ant Farm, talks with co-hosts Vanessa Franko and Tom Nash about what it’s like to go to festivals as a fan and a performer, how Coachella compares to festivals around the world. Terry also shares some of his favorite Coachella memories and talks about photographing Coachella and what he looks for when he’s behind the lens.

  • The COVID-19 rules around concerts are changing. AEG Presents, which owns Coachella promoter Goldenvoice, is requiring fans to be vaccinated as of Oct. 1. Other festivals are instituting rules to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result.

  • We talk about the pandemic and the concert industry and what it will take for things to come back.

  • We talk about how Coachella changed the Southern California music landscape.

  • Coachella is a place to find some hidden gems every year. Vanessa’s rule is that if she sees Terry on the field, she follows him. That’s how she saw Trash Talk and Ghost B.C.

  • How does Coachella compare to festivals around the world? Terry tells us and also shares what it’s like to play some of those big festivals.

  • Terry talks about his new project, We Are Pigs, with Esjay Jones, and the new music they’re working on.

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